The Ne’er-Do-Well publishes “misfit lit” — stories and essays that explore the ironically universal experience of being the odd one out.

Fiction and Essay Submissions
Here at The Ne’er-Do-Well, we’re fascinated by the fact that we’re all, at some point, the “other” — and that being the odd one out is an ironically universal experience. To that end, we seek short stories, creative nonfiction, and memoir that explore an “outsider” perspective: writers and characters navigating unfamiliar territory (be it psychological, emotional, or geographical) or searching for something (sanity, love, gold doubloons, etc.). We want soulful stories that bust through our perceptions of “otherness” and reveal the fundamental humanity inside. And if they could be resonant and witty, too, that’d be great. Thanks. ;)

All submissions will be considered for online publication as well as inclusion in future print anthologies.

Blog Submissions
This is a blog by writers, for writers. If you’d like to enlighten, inspire, or commiserate with us about an aspect of writing craft or the writing life, then you’re in the right place. We welcome posts across a wide variety of topics, including: the writing life; the nuts and bolts of writing craft; marketing and publicizing a book; working with an agent; self-publishing, and so on.

Have you written a book? Congrats! That being said, this blog is not a promotional vehicle. Please don’t submit a press release. However, if writing your book gave you valuable insight that you’d like to pass along to other writers, then YES, by all means, submit something. If we publish your post, we’ll gladly link to your website and/or your preferred online merchant.

The Fine Print…
The Ne’er-Do-Well only accepts work that has not been published in any form, be it in print or online. If your piece is accepted, The Ne’er-Do-Well retains first-publication rights only, meaning that you’re free to do whatever you want with your piece after it appears here. The Ne’er-Do-Well retains the right to republish your work in any future anthologies, and to convert it to ebook or audio book if we so desire.

Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please notify us immediately if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

At this time, we're able to offer a small payment of $20 per short story or essay. Unfortunately, we're unable to offer payment for blog posts.

No email submissions, please. We only read work submitted through the Submittable portal. 


Submission guidelines updated May 2016.